Curse of Strahd

An Opulent Dowry

Session 2

As the party of adventures continued west they climbed along the side of a mountain until they reached a large stone bridge, adorned on the ends of which were stone and lifeless gargoyles. A small dirt path led off to the right and steeply down an embankment to a river below following the river back to the east. The bridge overlooked a thousand foot drop below. The party effortlessly crossed and continued west toward their intended destination of Vallaki with Ismark and Irenna in tow.

A short while later they arrived at a fork in the road. The road to the right with wet cobblestone suggesting it was once an important thoroughfare, a large extravagant castle in the distance. Determined not to be distracted the party continued west. Once again they passed through a very large and ominous gate beset with enormous, headless knights to the of it; they passed without harm. Shortly later they past an old decrepit windmill off the main road on the journey to Vallaki but did not stop to investigate it. Finally the Svalich road led them to a palisade and the southern gate of Vallaki.


A mist pressed against the palisade, almost as if fighting to get inside the town itself. The gate was locked. Two men stood guard on a platform built along the palisade peering down upon the approaching party. Wolves heads were stuck upon pikes and adorned the palisade all around. “Who goes there?” Demanded one of the guards.

With a quick flick of his silver tongue Dandelion persuaded the guards to peacefully allow the party to enter through the southern gate, overcoming the guards’ obvious disdain for non-humans and wolves (Obviously uncomfortable with the sight of Ameron’s wolf.) The party agreed to leave the wolf in the stable of the Blue Water Inn to avoid any trouble. At a guard’s request, Dandelion also agreed to speak with the Baron about playing music for Vallaki’s upcoming festival.

And so the party gained access to Vallaki. They decided a logical safe place to take Irenna would be the local church, the Church of St. Andrals. On the way there the party passed through Vallaki’s town square where they saw a statue of a man on a fountain facing west, several stockades full of men, women, and children all with plastered donkey heads fastened to their heads, and several signs plastered throughout the square which read:

to the greatest celebration of the year:
Attendance and Children required.
Pikes will be provided.
- The Baron -

On the opposite side of the square two guards could been seen with a larger, brooding man. The larger of the guards had an obvious red and deformed devil-like arm. He placed a new sign on top of one of the signs in the square which read:

to the greatest celebration of the year:
Attendance and Children required.
Rain or Shine.
- The Baron -

Eyeing the Baron written on the bottom of the pages Dandelion of Streep took it upon himself to investigate and ask the leader of guards who the “Baron” was and where he could be found. The impatient and large guard regarded him with a grunt and a rude: The Baron is obviously going to be in the burgomaster’s mansioni to the north and is the burgomaster of Vallaki. Dandelion attempted to learn more but his attempt was met with more hostility from the guard.

And so the party continued to the church where inside the found the priest comforting an older woman who was sobbing something about her son Udo and how he was unfairly taken prisoner by the Baron. The party politely interrupted saying that they needed to speak with the priest on important business..

The priest agreed to give the party council and introduced himself as ‘Father’ Lucian Petrovich. With Ismark Indirovich’s aid they explained the situation with Irenna and requested the priest marry Delmirev and Irenna and allow her to stay her for the time-being for safe keeping.

Lucian seemed perplexed as to why a human would want to marry a dragonborn and made it known that he thought such a thing was strange and unnatural, but he agreed that he could perform the ceremony as he desperately needed the party’s help with something in return.

Lucian Petrovich then explained that the church was protected by the ancient spirit of Saint Andral, whose bones were buried underneath the altar of the church hundreds of years ago. He claimed that the bones created hallow ground underneath the church protecting it from evil, but that the bones were recently stolen.

Father Lucian kept the secret of the bones safe for the entirety of his priesthood but he confessed that a few weeks ago he told the secret to a local youth named Yeska in order to calm the frightened lad. After the bones were taken he learned from Yeska that the boy had told his friend Milivoj about the bones in passing. Milivoj worked for the church digging graves for the nearby cemetery and his temper was well known throughout Vallaki. Lucian wanted the party to confront Milivoj about the bones and recover them without cluing the troubled youth that the priest tipped them off about him.

The party headed directly to the church’s graveyard where they found the young man hard at work. Through their combined efforts Dandelion of Streep & Delmirev Balasar intimidated the young lad to discover that he had already sold the bones for a more the reasonable price to the local coffinmaker, Henrik Van Der Moort. With a bribe of two gold pieces Anon bribed Milivoj to lead them to the coffin shop.

Some few minutes later the party arrived at the coffin shop and Milivoj departed, gold in hand. A knock on the door of the shop was answered with a quick “We’re closed. Go away!” More knocking from the party received no reply and so the group easily forced the door. Inside they found a gaunt and elderly man. His knees were trembling.

With quick investigative conversation the group determined that Henrik Van Der Moort had hidden the bones upstairs in a cabinet. He warned though, that a nest of vampires was camping out upstairs in his shop and that they were very dangerous. After much deliberation the party determined that they would sneak upstairs and have just one search for the bag, with the others ready in the wings.

Belladonnä drew the short straw and stealthily (but not that stealthily) made her way over to the only cabinet this room had to offer, along the side of the room opposite of the stairs. All along the walls of this room were sealed caskets and the room itself emitted a deathly silence and dark presence.

With luck however Belladonnä discovered the bones in a hidden compartment in the bottom of the cabinet. With the bones retrieved the group hastily left the coffin shop and returned to the church. Henrik Van Der Moort was nowhere to be found.

The party delivered the bones back to Father Lucian who seemed very pleased to have them back in the church. With Delmirev’s insistence he happily agreed to perform a wedding ceremony for the dragonborn and Ireena Indirovich, even against his prejudiced beliefs.

And so the ceremony began. Dandelion provided a beautiful medley for the wedding and Anon agreed to be the best man. Irenna looked captivating and in a wedding dress all fixed up for the first time the party realized how incredibly beautiful she truly was. Irenna seemed skeptical about the idea of marrying a complete stranger, but knew that her brother Ismark wanted her to be safe, and she trusted in that.

At the officiation wound on the small party was joined by Milivoj and a stranger that he escorted in. The stranger was tall and exceedingly handsome. He wore a cape and elaborately embroidered clothes. He sat beside Milivoj along one of the back pews of the church.

The end of wedding had come. The officiation was almost over and Delmirev Balasar & Ireena Indirovich were about to be bound together for life when Father Lucian finally spoke: “If there is any reason these two should not be wed, speak now, or forever hold your peace.”. Gracefully the stranger stood and spoke. There was a confidence and coolness to his voice, he was well spoken and sounded like a nobleman with an educated upbringing, yet his voice had a harshness to it that made the room feel colder…


The stranger said, “I’m afraid I must object. You cannot marry her because this woman is my property.”

Not missing a beat Anon fired an arrow from his crossbow straight at the man. The arrow sunk right into his breast but the stranger barely regarded. He then reached across his chest and pulled the arrow out himself, and his lips pursed into a wicked smile, revealing fanged teeth behind them.

He hurled a fireball across the room singeing several party members and burning all of Delmirev’s retainers alive! Lucian Petrovich whispered: Morninglord help us. It’s Strahd Von Zarovich. In a flash he appeared all over the room. Strahd toyed for a moment with the party like a cat with a mouse. The party realizing the danger of their situation now took the quickest paths of egress they could out of the church, jumping through windows and sprinting down the foyer of the church.

On his way out Anon grabbed Ireena Indirovich while Strahd was busy with Delmirev Balasar. Anon escaped through a window and with a quick glance back witnessed Strahd Von Zarovich bury his fangs into Delmirev’s neck. Screams of terror and agony could be heard echoing from the church as the rest of the party fled the church.

A short while later the screams could no longer be heard in the distance. The party regrouped at the stable of the Blue Water Inn, where Vertalas Ameron had previously left his Wolf for safe keeping while the group stayed in Vallaki.

Ismark was crushed with the reality that Vallaki, and perhaps nowhere was safe from Strahd’s grasp. The party was angry with him, feeling like he had not conveyed the amount of danger involved in escorting his sister to Vallaki. Their lashing out upset Ismark and he relayed to the party that if they didn’t want he and his sister around, then fine, that he did not need them to keep his sister safe.

After some reasonable conversation the mood of changed to a more passive tone, but in the end the party and Ismark decided that it would be best to separate from here. Ismark & Irenna would stay low in the stable for the night and leave west with first light, headed for The Village of Krezk.

The party headed elected to pay for rooms for the night. They met with the Innkeeper, Urwin Martikov, and arranged lodging for the night. The party slept through the night to wake and face the next day in this strange land, ready for whatever lie before them.



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