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  • An Opulent Dowry

    As the party of adventures continued west they climbed along the side of a mountain until they reached a large stone bridge, adorned on the ends of which were stone and lifeless gargoyles. A small dirt path led off to the right and steeply down an …

  • The Pursuit of Happyness

    The party awoke the next morning and all met on the second story of the Blue Water Inn. Together in a single room they decided to have a change of heart. Perhaps they had been too rash in their decision to abandon [[:ismark-the-lesser-indirovich | Ismark …

  • Main Page

    h2. *Lore* [[Kolyan's Letter | Kolyan's Letter]] h2. *Places* [[Barovia | Barovia]] [[Gates of Barovia | Gates of Barovia]] [[Vallaki | The Town of Vallaki]] [[The Village of Barovia | The Village of Barovia]] [[Krezk | The Village of Krezk]] …

  • Krezk

    A small village on the western edge of Barovia. West of Krezk is a massive wall of impenetrable fog. Krezk is built at the foot of a mountain and is home to the Abbey of St. Markovia. [[File:712002 | class=media-item-align-none | Krezk.jpg]]

  • Barovia

    The land of [[:strahd-von-zarovich | Strahd's]] domain. All of Barovia is encompassed with a mysterious fog that forever lingers, trapping all of the innocents here. Barovia features two large mountains, two villages, a town, a lake, and a river. It's …

  • Werewolf

    Lycanthropes capable of shape shifting from humanoid to werewolf form. Keen sense of smell and hearing. Usually travels in packs. Presumably chaotic evil in nature. Faster than normal speed. Normal attacks from physical damage don't seem to be as …

  • Guard

    A typical city guard. Expected to be larger in numbers in larger more populated areas. Usually speaking common. Can be city watch, body guards, or part of an army. [[File:712064 | class=media-item-align-none | Guard.jpg]]

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